Getting Started 👋

Installation & First Steps

Getting Started with Alice

  1. Download: Obtain the Alice app installation file from the official website (
  2. Applications Folder: Move the downloaded file to your computer's "Applications" folder.
  3. Launch: Double-click the Alice app file to initiate the installation. You might receive a security prompt; follow the on-screen instructions to grant permission.

Account Setup

  1. Onboarding: The first time you launch Alice, you'll be guided through a brief setup process.* Email: Enter the email address associated with your approved Alice account.
    • Name: Provide your first and last name.
    • Avatar: Choose an image to represent yourself within the app.
  2. OpenAI API Key:
    • Generate a Key: Visit the OpenAI API Keys page ( Follow the steps to create a new API key.
    • Enter Key in Alice: Paste the newly generated API key into the designated field within Alice's onboarding flow.


  1. General Settings: Access Alice's settings to customize your experience.
    • OpenAI API Key: Review and update your API key if needed.
    • Monthly Usage Limit: It's strongly recommended to set a monthly usage limit as a safeguard against unexpected charges. Start with a limit of around $20 to $30.
    • Keyboard Shortcuts: Modify the default keyboard shortcuts for actions like summoning Alice. The default shortcut is typically Command+Shift+D.

Using Alice

  • Summon Alice: Use your chosen keyboard shortcut to open the Alice interface.
  • Chatting with AI: Type your questions or requests into the chat window and receive responses from advanced AI models.
  • Snippets: Create and access pre-configured prompts or templates for common tasks to streamline your interactions.

Important Notes:

  • Ensure your email address is on the approved Alice waitlist to successfully set up your account.
  • Exercise caution with keyboard shortcuts to avoid accidentally triggering actions and incurring usage charges.