Introducing Alice - worlds first AI assistant for macOS that works with your apps. Think of it as ChatGPT desktop client that can also perform actions. Imagine you can ask it to create a playlist on Spotify , check your todo or reschedule the meeting.

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Ask for actions
not answers

"hey, Alice, schedule meeting with Anne"

Alice can work with your calendar to manage meetings and invitations.

"check sales"

Alice can connect to Stripe and give you some reports on your SaaS sales.

"check sprint"

Alice can connect to your favourite apps to bring you current data.

"check my tasks for today"

Alice can aggregate many sources with your tasks such as todo apps, Gmail and more and display all tasks in one place.

Works with your apps

Alice can be connected to thousands of apps you already use. Just use text or voice command and it's done.

Use automation templates or let us handle it

If you know how to create automations, you can get our blueprints and customise everything to your needs. If not - no worries. We can help you set everything up!

Snippets at your fingertips

Alice has built-in prompts that you can use in app or with a keyboard shortcut. You can also define your own prompts and add them as Snippets. This is much more convenient than just chatting.


ready-made prompts

From fixing grammar and typos, translations and drafting emails to brainstorming ideas with AI and using mental models in the decision making process.



Quickly fix grammar and spelling, translate text to any language, extend or shorten it or even rewrite it to any style and length you need. We have dozen text prompts ready to use as snippets.



Create invitations, kindly accept or refuse proposals, brainstorm ideas or perform some critical thinking on your current ideas. Use code prompts for code debugging, writing JavaScript and SQL queries.



Create a short marketing copy for social media, or a long-form for a blog post. Brainstorm different channels and get your copy polished for best engagement. Everything within Alice app!



Whether you need to brainstorm a business idea, get some insights on data or come up with a great offer formatted as an e-mail, you can use our prompts to get the results in not time, without leaving app you're using.



You can map each snippet to a custom keyboard shortcut and use the app in the background, while it's performing actions on the text that you copied to clipboard. This way you don't have to leave the app you're working in!

Start using Alice now

You can try the full version of Alice, including custom onboarding and Action Pack. Or select Lite if you just need desktop ChatGPT capabilities and shortcuts.

$9/ month

14-day trial. Choose if you need desktop ChatGPT and can build some Zapier or automations on your own.

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    Basic snippets
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    Custom snippets
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    Keyboard shortcuts
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    Custom action triggers
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    GPT-4, GPT-3.5, GPT-3.5 Turbo
Coming soon
$19/ month

14-day trial. This option includes the action pack with readymade scenarios and our custom onboarding to help you set it up.

  • All from Lite, plus:
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    100+ readymade snippets
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    Snippet library & updates
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    Action pack with demos & updates
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    Custom onboarding
Coming soon
Custom action
$10/ month per action

If you want us to build more actions for you, like connections to custom API, there's a small one-time fee and subscription based on an action with up to 1000 operations.

Work hand in hand
with AI assistant

Start your free trial now and see how easy it is to track, manage, and optimize your time.


We can make a custom integration for you

Works with APIs

Whatever API you have, Alice can connect to it and perform action


Alice can help you generate custom reports


Soon we'll implement Snippet marketplace for Alice!

Own avatar

Give Alice a custom name and avatar and make it more personal!

Speed up

Alice will help you work faster than ever before!