Formal Communication

Formal Communication

Explore how Alice simplifies the creation of formal letters and support requests through AI

How this Remote Action works?

Betty, an AI assistant within Alice, specializes in drafting formal correspondence such as letters and customer support requests. By processing user inputs, Betty formats messages with appropriate politeness and a focus on desired outcomes.

What you can accomplish?

Betty enables you to quickly create formal letters or requests for various scenarios, such as seeking compensation for delayed flights or drafting complaints to service providers. This tool is designed to save time and improve the effectiveness of your communications by ensuring they are appropriately structured and convey your message clearly.

How to set it up?

  1. Start a new conversation in Alice by summoning the application with your preferred keyboard shortcut.
  2. Activate Betty by entering the command to call upon her within Alice.
  3. Input the key points of your request or the content of your complaint as bullet points or brief notes.
  4. Let Betty transform your notes into a well-structured, formal letter or message that you can send directly to the concerned party.

Ideas for extending this Remote Action

  • Use Betty to analyze and summarize responses from customer support or other formal replies, highlighting essential points and suggested actions.
  • Integrate Betty’s capabilities with email or messaging platforms to streamline the process of sending out these letters directly from Alice.

What is formal letter writing?

Formal letter writing is a method of communication typically used for professional, official, and serious personal contexts. It requires a specific format, tone, and etiquette to convey messages effectively. Tools like Alice and Betty can significantly aid in adhering to these standards by automating and guiding the structure of these communications.

  • Similar tools that aid in formal letter writing include grammar checkers and style guides that ensure your writing meets professional standards.

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