Recent News with Perplexity

Recent News with Perplexity

Learn how to integrate Perplexity's recent news capabilities into Alice

In an era where information is abundant yet fragmented, staying updated with recent news and developments can be a challenge. Alice, in conjunction with Perplexity, offers a streamlined solution to this problem. This guide will show you how to integrate Perplexity’s recent news capabilities into Alice, ensuring you're always informed.

How This Model Works

By integrating the Perplexity API into Alice, you can leverage the Sonr model for its exceptional ability to fetch recent news and perform web searches. This integration allows Alice to access a wide array of up-to-date information, from the latest global events to specific inquiries like award winners or company updates.

What You Can Accomplish

  • Instantly retrieve recent news and information from across the web.
  • Conduct efficient web searches within Alice, using the Sonr model from Perplexity.
  • Stay informed about global events, technology updates, and more, all from one place.

How to Set It Up

  1. Obtain the Perplexity API Key:
    • Visit your Perplexity account and navigate to the API tab.
    • Top up your account and generate an API key (ensure you have sufficient funds for the operations you plan to conduct).
  2. Integrate the API Key into Alice:
    • Open Alice and access the settings menu.
    • Find the section where you can input external API keys and paste your Perplexity API key here.
  3. Using the Sonr Model:
    • Create a new conversation in Alice and select the Sonr model from Perplexity for your query.
    • Type your question or the information you seek. Alice, powered by Sonr, will provide you with the latest information related to your query.

Extending This Concept

Consider creating a dedicated assistant within Alice, specifically for accessing recent news and information through Perplexity. You can customize this assistant with specific snippets or commands tailored to your information needs, such as currency conversions, weather updates, or specific news categories.


The combination of Alice and Perplexity's Sonar model opens up a world of possibilities for staying informed and conducting research efficiently. By following these steps to integrate Perplexity into Alice, you can enhance your workflow, ensure you're always up-to-date with the latest news, and streamline your information-gathering processes. Dive into the vast information landscape with Alice and Perplexity at your side.

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